Quickpayportal.com is an online web designed portal. You can now use quickpayportal at their main website to pay bills quickly. It can be done by using the Quick Pay Code. This service has been provided by Athena health for the comfort of their patients. Patients are now given the convenience to pay their medical bills in a faster, efficient and time-saving way.

For the generated bills, the patients are required to go to the web-based portal quickpayportal to pay their bills off. Users can use this web-based portal using their Quick Pay Code, and the access code which will reflect on the receipt or the Statement ID.

All the patients or the users are required to accept the terms and conditions of this Agreement, stating that you agree to get all your User balance statements provided and shown in your quickpayportal account.

Users also have the freedom to choose to go back to getting your user balance statements as paper statements which will be sent through the mail. quickpayportal provides users easy access to all the clinical information related to them. It is your responsibility if you share your information that you give to others.

  • To log in and use quickpaycontrol users are required to visit the quickpayportal website homepage.
  • Once on the the quickpayportal homepage, Users are immediately prompted to sign in
  • To sign in and use this service, You are required to have either the quickPay Code, Statement ID, or the Access Code
  • The code or id usually comprises of fifteen digits
  • After the information is entered , click to Sign in
  • It is time-saving and an easy way for all the payments for the bill that has to be paid and accessing all their health records and requesting new appointments or changing the current ones
  • Users can see and update their information and also ask for new prescriptions
  • Patients can review your statements or previous payment history through the portal.
  • Users will also have the convenience of receiving an update after the payment made via a confirmation
  • This web-based portal functions all the time, and there are no service lags
  • It is easier to get your health exam results from the comfort of your home
  • Users can make use of all the other services provided by the quickpayportal.
By using this web-based portal, users are accepting to the conditions that any changes or minor editing you make will have an effect on you after you modify your data. quickpayportal is entirely free to use service, but there could be a charge levied on you in the future, for which all users will be notified in advance, to continue using this web-based portal quickpayportal.